Review by Mackenzie Page from the band Gipsy Moon!

Review by Mackenzie Page from the band Gipsy Moon!

When a woman finds herself alone, separate in the constant strain of patriarchy, pressured to be silent and invisible, the world can seem like a dark and lonely place. Discovering We’Moon for me was finding a community of individuals from around the world who understand the natural cycles of women. Beings who make space for voices that may only whisper, that find meaning in the stars, the rhythm of the planets and the transformation of seasons. A community who remembers and honors the Goddess.

If you are looking for the ultimate astrological datebook, filled with inspiration in the forms of poetry, painting, excerpts, and words of wisdom; let me introduce you to We’Moon. It has been my companion for years. When I’m on tour in my musical journeys and away from hearth and home it becomes my comfort and connection, my center, and reminder that all things ebb and flow, that all things come and go, and that I am just a witness. 

We’Moon is a collaborative pilgrimage of women adding their creative hearts and minds into one datebook, one astrological exploration, one unified voice. These women join to tell the story of the cycles of life, death, and rebirth; of Eve and Astrea and Bridget; collectively they tell of all the greatness that is Woman. 

This year’s theme is “Stardust”. Based on the tarot card “The Star XVII” the datebook delves into what it means to be made of sparkling stardust. With this card we find that we are each capable of reflecting the light of a sun, each capable of the choice to reflect the goodness that lies amongst humanity. We look to the skies for guidance and inspiration in these turbulant time on Earth, and as Liz Atticus says, “Rise up Womyn! Put on your red shoes and dance away the oppression, the violence, the hurt- dance your new dreams to life!"

Go to Gipsy Moon's website to learn more about them and to listen to some fantastic music!