PreacherWoman For the Goddess review from Rose Flint!

PreacherWoman For the Goddess review from Rose Flint!

Announcing a New We’Moon Release:
PreacherWoman For the Goddess:
Poems, Invocations, Plays and Other Holy Writ
by Bethroot Gwynn
Reviewed by Rose Flint:


Bethroot Gwynn’s collection of poems PreacherWoman for the Goddess is a new delight for goddess-loving women everywhere.

In this wide-ranging compilation of writings, she moves between personal stories which resound with Everywoman, and a willingness to go simply into sacred space and confide whatever she discovers there, offering it back with compassion, simplicity and keen observation. This is a book of love: of land and creatures, of community and goddess, and it is a book of emotional honesty which is itself a kind of love: a gift.

Bethroot’s sense of the numinous in the everyday is the loom of the work. Her own experiences form the warp and weft; she runs them through her hands and allows the patterns to form— relationships, politics, women, mothering, the beings of the natural world, the mysteries of death—all connecting, all threads returning to the Great Mother. The poems use a quick, confiding language that responds to the heart, sometimes in anger or grief, but often with a kind of soaring joy that lifts us into remembering our own love of spirit, our own sense of care. And the dramas sit like small jewels of colour and imagination, encouraging us to enact ritual, find our own ways to praise the universe.

This writing is indeed from a PreacherWoman, a sane and passionate soul with the courage to give us her voice. She is a clear-sighted and headstrong woman, catching hold of the goddess in prayerful hands, making new stories that tell us to find our own strength in ourselves and in the Divine Feminine, our hope for the future of planet Earth.

—Rose Flint is an artist and writer. She has been Priestess-Poet at the Goddess Conference for 21 years. Her collection of Goddess poetry Grace, Breath, Bone is available from Rose lives in Somerset, UK.