Imbolc Introspection

Imbolc Introspection

Candlemas, a Sabbat of purification, initiation, and waxing light, celebrates the first signs of spring and marks the fertilizing warmth of the Goddess. Incoming energies are quickening everything! Outer light is increasing and infusing us as well, but the stretch to accommodate it within must be deliberate on our parts, so we can actively evolve toward human luminous. In this way, the ritual of fire at Candlemas represents our own illumination as well as that of Sun Goddess Brigid. 

Since the power shift away from the ancient matriarchal societies, female deities have been more associated with moonlight than sunlight, but we are once again re-membering the Sun Goddesses. Solntse, Pattini, Saule, Arinna, Uelanuhi, Aditi, Olwen, Amaterasu, Chaxiraxi the Sun Mother, and more. Call upon the Divine Face that fires up your spirit; your region, your culture. 

When we ceremonially enact a seasonal change, we step Between, to an embryonic state when anything is possible. Pluripotency, the cell scientist call it. As the Imbolc song goes, "The seeds of life lie tingling" in the pluripotent moment when Winter promises to end. We shift! We step between realities and choose what our world will become. 

Brighid—Mother Goddess of Ireland
© Jo Jayson 2012



Written by: Susa Silvermarie © Mother Tongue Ink 2018 


 Featured Art: Three of Fire © Jan Kinney 1990

 Jan Kinney (Seattle, WA) drew inspiration from the Tarot of Compassion from the Pacific Northwest, where she lives. She also sings, preaches, and works with beads. Please send inquires about the Tarot of Compassion to Jan L Kinney at gmail dot com. 

Jo Jayson (Harrison, NY) is a spiritual artist, teacher, author, and has channeled the Sacred Feminine in her works for 8 years now. 

Susa Silvermarie (Ajijic, Mexico) I turned 70 in 2017 and began a new life as an immigrant to Mexico. I blog, I write for several local publications and I run a weekly Write-to-a-prompt circle as well as a Writers Salon. I enjoy volunteering with an art program for Mexican children, and I truly love my life on the shore of Lake Chapala. Seeking local kindred spirits—come on down! 







Featured Art: Three of Fire ©
Jan Kinney 1990 


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