2021: The World Call for Contributions

2021: The World Call for Contributions

At last, the first reprieve of winter starts to shed her skin. The nights are starting to fill with the songs of frogs and mornings burst to life with swooping sparrows. Spring time full of energy peaks into our windows and smiles with sunlight. From all of us at We'Moon, we wish you a productive and fruitful Spring.

We are excited to announce the newest "Call for Contributions" for 2021: The World—Let your muse guide you through the brilliant gardens of your mind and submit your art and writing to We'Moon.  There are two ways to send your work in: by snail mail or email! Choose your preferred method and follow the links, they contain all the instructions needed. If you have any questions please email us

2021 is We'Moon's 40th year of publication. The World, our theme for this year, is the grand finale of the spiritual journey through Tarot's 22 Major Arcana archetypes. We have arrived! 

We invite you into The World’s holy space. Here where the Goddesses of Ending and Beginning converge as One, the mists have cleared; our field of view widens. In this portal of transformation, we can sense the entire universe and all beings strung like jewels on a web of honey-pure love. How far we have come, as peoples and as individuals, up the spiraling steps of life experience—through trials by re, dances of joy, engagements with power, hunger for justice. May we harvest the rewards of journeys well-traveled, cultivate wisdom from our stumbles, fill our knapsacks with confidence, forgiveness, daring, community spirit . . . We’re going to need these gifts on the next leg of the journey. . .
The path ahead promises arduous work to uproot oppressions, rescue the bio-sphere, ensure enough-ness for all. The World beckons to us with urgency: “Time is literally running out! Rise up! Summon power into your sacred circles. Work your elemental magic. Conjure with all your might a vibrant, life-affirming future!”

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Call for Contributions and License
Available in Spanish or English
Submission due date: August 1st, 2019