We'News May 23, 2016

We'News May 23, 2016

Lunar News — May 23, 2016
Venus in Gemini Tuesday May 24th
Mars in Scorpio Friday May 27th
Waning Half Moon in Pisces Sunday May 29th
Moon moves through: Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces

The World Needs Your Creativity
The world needs your creativity
Your fire of ideas
Your spark of divinity . . .
excerpt © Pati Pray Mari 2010


excerpt by Heather Roan Robbins
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Expect windstorms and smoky fires, and probably not just on the political scene. The astrological energies switch gears this week and create some turbulence as they change. What was hidden becomes visible, what was stuck becomes unstuck, but this won’t always be easy. By the end of the week we get a green light and begin to feel a new chapter beginning.
Let’s be a little careful with our hearts this week, feelings can get easily hurt as we straighten out misunderstandings; we may find out what’s really been bothering a friend or what’s been brooding in the mind of a truly difficult person. . . .

Venus: relationship, love, sense of beauty, empathy

Mars: will to act, initiative, ambition

Venus is our recognition of love, art and beauty. Venus is harmony in its expressed form, as well as compassion, bliss and acceptance. 

Mars is our sense of “Get Up and GO!” It is the capacity to take action and do; it represents being in motion. It can also affect our temperament.

MoonCat! © Mother Tongue Ink 2011

Gemini: Cross pollinate. Under Mutable Air Gemini we scatter our thoughts to the wind, germinate ideas, and learn to communicate with our sisters and brothers. Breadth and versatility of ideas is a Gemini gift; we need to bring depth and concentration.

Scorpio  Dive deep. Fixed Water Scorpio calls us to look within and face our fears, look under the rocks and find root causes. The mood is curious, mysterious, magical, sexual, introspective, and profound; we need to add faith, trust and humor.

Pisces: We grow sensitive, permeable, empathic, and imaginative; let’s be gentle with one another. Tears flow easily.  Our energy level varies; we can swim in spirit, bathe in dreams, paint the night away, or just take a good long soak. Those Born Under a Pisces Moon feel everything.

Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 201

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