About We'Moon 2016

About We'Moon 2016

We'Moon 2016:
Quantum Leap Year

Now in its 35th year, the We'Moon datebook is a famed astrological moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook and visionary collection of women's creative work. 

This year's theme—Quantum Leap Year—spins Extraordinary as the norm, while known reality shivers and shakes around us. 

Invoking the mythic Phoenix as it rises from cataclysm into rebirth, We'Moon 2016 reflects on upheaval and renewal, challenge and gift—eliciting our most daring personal and collective magic.

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Fall Equinox Musings

Mamacita Cedar ¤ Dorrie Joy 2016

"This day of perfect equilibrium between day and night is a moment to pause, reflect on what needs attending as we cross the threshold to the waning of the year. We turn inward, measure the mood of trees on the mountain, as roots deepen and the leaves begin their litanies of surrender . . . We need to go to earth, sink our own roots deep, muse and dream. What settles deeply now, and arises after winter's austerities, will shape the newborn spring world"

excerpt Sherri Rose-Walker  © Mother Tongue Ink 2017 
We'Moon 2018: La Luna p. 141

Dive deep in We'Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame— she is here and ready to accompany you through the cycles of  the seasons ahead. Wouldn't it be nice to get all your Solstice shopping done early? Now is the time!

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We'Moon 2018 is back in stock!
We'Moon 2018 is back in stock!


While we were tending to our new creations, We'Moon 2018: La Luna flew off the shelves; we sold out of English editions. . . but . . .We have good news though! We’Moon 2018 IS BACK IN STOCK! 

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Winter Solstice Specials!
Winter Solstice Specials!

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The wind nips at our fingertips and we are greeted with frosty masterpieces gracing our windows in the dark mornings of winter. The We'Moon office has been keeping warm in the flames of inspiration as the next edition slowly takes shape. We treasure this time of darkness to explore the inner realms of creation. Sending all our We'Moon lovers hearth-warmed blessings this Winter Solstice!

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