Year at a Glance for Libra

Year at a Glance for Libra

Libra Horoscope for Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Rising Sign.

Libra (Air): Beauty, equality, egalitarianism, cooperation. We grow more friendly, relationship oriented, and incensed by injustice. 

We're called to to empower our beloveds and work towards social justice, beauty and dynamic peace. 

The mood is romantic, sociable, fair-minded; we need to add direction. 

-Adapted from Heather Roan Robbins' Sun Signs and Transits
© Mother Tongue Ink 2016

Shauna Crandall Art, Women art, hippie goddess art
Visions © Shauna Crandall 2016 

What Does 2020 Hold for You, Dear Libra?

pluto joins saturn on january 12 in your fourth house of home, roots, and family. what is home to you? where is it? and how hard are you willing to work to (re)build it?

there is a deep, visceral work for you to do here, work that will support you in creating truly nourishing homes and familial environments.

jupiter and capricorn join three times in 2020 (april 4, june 30, and november 12) to help shift the ways you relate to home, security, belonging and family. 

the full moon in your sign falls on april 7. (re)strengthen your boundaries and deal with any relationship ish that rises up. are you able to find home in your beloveds, friends and community? 

begin again on the new moon in your sign on october 16, remember this life is yours to co-create with the divine!

by year's end, saturn and jupiter move into aquarius, your fifth house where you learn to balance your obligation to the collective with your obligation to your joy. 

both are important. is there a way you can bring them into alignment? dissolve any fears of belonging so you can get out of your heart's way and live in alignment with its desires. 

-naimonu james © mother tongue ink 2019

Libra's 2020 Astrological Assignment

2020 eclipses in Sagittarius trigger new honesty, and this honesty encourages us to restructure the systems of power while Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. By the end of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius and empower us to integrate an authentically collaborative philosophy.

We can hear a clue to our assignment in this great work through the signs of our Sun and Ascendant.

Take the pressure off family tensions this year. You have a natural inner gauge around social justice, so bring your eyes and tactful approach to the problem. 

Help educate

You know that inspiring information delivered without a strong personal torque, facts rather than opinion, open more minds. Lovingly help those around you become more aware of the vestiges of racism, internalized gender issues, and encourage sisterhood. 

Your creativity flows in response. 

Kay Kemp, Sisterhood, goddess art, community of women art
Come Together © Kay Kemp 2018

Sun Sign in Libra Attributes

Balance, wholeness, weave connection. Cardinal Air Libra asks us to balance our relationships so they bring us joy. 

If you're born under the Libra Sun: 

You were born to find the beauty way, the path of balanced alliance with the earth and all our relations. Learn to love in a mutually empowering, non-co-dependent way, develop practicality, and trust your gut decisions. 

What if My Moon Sign is in Libra? 

Those born under a Libra Moon are kind, friendly and were trained from birth to be peacemakers in the family. They are willing to fight for justice theoretically, but would rather get along with people close to home.

They can see all sides, but may need to learn to know their own mind and stand in their truth. 

Libra Moon by Day: 

Let's be fair. It's time to weave relationship between healthy equals, to see another's perspective and balance opposing needs. The Libra Moon encourages sweetness, beauty, gentle comfort, and the peace of social justice. 

— excerpts from We'Moon planners
by Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2019
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We've reached another balancing point in our year. A time of equal day and night. 

Libra marks the start of the fall season. The glyph represents the scales traditionally, the only inanimate glyph object, though it can also be seen as the setting sun. 

Kate Langlois, Community art women coming together
Bridges © Kate Langlois 2018 

Libra in Nature

The start of fall brings the final harvest. The leaves are changing color and the landscape itself seems to adorn itself in rich colors. We find ourselves living in abundance. Our gardens are rich with squash, grains, and vegetables. We share these often with our communities. Relationships are built and we gravitate towards others during this season as the air grows crisp. 

Time of Day 

Libra rules the Sunset. Much like the colors of Fall the sunset mirrors the same seasonal adornments of nature. Bright reds, pinks and yellows fill the sky this time of day. Darkness peaks in through the corners of our vision. Libra is often known for being showy and fashionable, and the cloak of sunset is a chance for this sign to really shine! 

Libra's rule the Kidneys, Appendix, Lumbar vertebrae, Hips, Buttocks and the Vasomotor system

The Kidneys mirror the scales in our body, balancing on either side of our spine. These organs filter blood and help balance the fluids within our body. 

The appendix also helps regulate our bodily systems. It stores bacteria and can give our digestive system a reboot when needed. The Vasomotor system monitors our blood dilation. All these organs above have a job of balancing our body and regulating our systems. 

And lastly, where we be without our hips, buttocks and lower lumbar? Probably overtly unbalanced and tipping over! 

Katalin Pazmandi, Cannabis goddess, plant goddess art
Cannabis Goddess Blessing © Katalin Pazmandi 2017 

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What if You Have a Planet in Libra? 

The planets within our solar system have a specific part to play in the complete knowledge of "The Self." Planets represent different aspects of our self-journey or even our personality.

They're characteristics range from our soul purpose (sun), how we think or love (Mercury, Venus) how we like to learn (Jupiter) our limitations (Saturn), and much more! Please visit our blog "Journey into Astrology" if you would like to know more about Planets and how to integrate them into your daily astrology practice. 

Planets in Libra love to balance and calibrate to their purposes. They want to succeed almost to the point of perfection in those areas of their life. Planets in Libra are meant to be shared with others. They often gravitate towards relationships and crave community. 

Be warned though, the Libra's strive for perfection can often cause an unrealistic set of expectations. 

Libra's Rule the Seventh House of Astrology 

“The Houses (twelve pie shaped sections) of our personal birth chart attend to all areas of our life. Each house represents a basic facet of human experience from birth to death.”

The placement of each house in your natal chart is dependent on your rising sign. A person with an Aries rising has what is called a “natural chart”. A rising sign is the sign ascending on the eastern horizon on the time of your birth, it can be calculated using a rising sign calculator here!

The Seventh House is opposite from the First, and balancing relationships with others is highlighted. We have honed our best selves through the first six houses.  Now we are ready to join in partnership, and polish the art of collaboration. 

Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2018 

Libra is Ruled by Venus

Venus is often referred to as the planet of love and beauty. Venus also co-rules Taurus, though is represented differently through each sign. 

In Libra, Venus is truly at home surrounded by beautiful things, lots of relationships and many different forms of love. They love to listen and even more to be listened too. 

Venus is our recognition of love, art and beauty. Venus is harmony in its expressed form,  as well as compassion, bliss and acceptance. 

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Solar and Lunar Eclipses that are Coming Up, and How They Influence Us

Use eclipse degrees in your birth chart to identify potential release points. Eclipses serve as catalysts for us to aspire to our destiny’s deeper calling. Use creative self-reflection to experience inner alignments and transmute the past into new sources of energy.

This article goes over all of the eclipses, both lunar and solar, for the year, their dates and times, and their specific, unique affects.

Astrological Overview for 2021: The astrology for 2021 looks like another bumpy road

The year 2020 has been a rocky road for the whole year. What can we expect for 2021? Heather Roan Robbins has written the astrological prediction for our upcoming edition of We'Moon , where we have the entire article. Here is an excerpted sneak peek.....

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