Year at a Glance for Gemini

Year at a Glance for Gemini

Astrological Horoscope for Gemini in 2020

Cross Pollinate. Under Mutable Air Gemini we scatter our thoughts to the wind, germinate ideas, and learn to communicate with our sisters and brothers. Breadth and versatility of ideas is a Gemini gift; we need to bring depth and concentration. 

If you're born under the Gemini Sun, you can talk to anybody; your adaptability, nervous energy, mental sparkle, ingenuity, and sense of humor get the word out and help us understand one another. Your challenge is to know your own mind and soul. 

Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink

What does 2020 have in store for you dear Gemini?

on january 12 saturn and pluto join in your eight house of deep truth and alchemy to aid you in shedding people, habits, and thought patterns that lock you away from your messy/sexy/powerful selves. these two guides will work with you to conquer  fears that keep you from stepping into the deep knowing that comes from lifetimes of living. 

jupiter and pluto will join together three times in 2020, (april 4, june 30, and november 12)

opportunities to integrate what cracks open at the start of the year with wisdom and clarity.  when the north node of the moon moves into gemini may 5, your soul work comes to center, and we must all cultivate gemini qualities of sharing, communication and learning. learn yourself and be curious about your needs/wants/and desires. use the new moon in your sign on may 22 to call in exactly the kind of relationship you want with yourself. bravely restructure your relationships as needed on the full moon lunar eclipse in your sign on november 30. 

by year's end, saturn and jupiter move into aquarius, your ninth. house of belief and ideology. what wisdom are you called to sink into? what wisdom are you ready to share? what faiths allow you to move through your life with honesty and integrity?

naimonu james © mother tongue ink 

Janis Dyck Nature image

Passing Through © Janis Dyck 2012

2020 Astrological Assignment 

You're multifaceted, and you can use your versatile communications to weave together unusual allies into a healthy network. But be honestly who you are rather than bend to fit others' desires, whether in work, love, or community partnerships. If this honesty exposes unconscious power struggles around the money and resources, keep the conversation flowing—just dig deeper to make sure you have the whole truth. Do the homework and your world will expand in the years ahead. 

Gemini by day:Talk it all out now; people are ready to hear other perspectives and change their minds. Just don't ask for them to concentrate too long on any one thing, or go into great depth. The mood is nervy, talkative, humorous, alert, but scattered. 

Those born Under a Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon's  can talk with anyone they meet. They value diversity, curiosity, and can talk about deep subjects with a light touch. As natural translators, they can build bridges and network. Their challenge is to hold still, explore solitude and dive deep. 

Gemini's are often musician's, or highly creative individuals.

They crave stimulation in different forms be that lots of color, social interactions or the wild landscapes that live within the deeps of novels. A Gemini Sun can come across as strong willed, deeply passionate and extremely versatile. They move with hurricane force winds when they wish! A Gemini moon's emotion can shift directions quickly in the breeze. Gemini season is often filled with blossoms and pollen. Nature expands outward and germinates everything around it! This time of year often releases emotion's we planted deep in ourselves or dreams take flight. 

Heather Crowley Lotus Women's Art Elemental Journey © Heather L. Crowley 2013
p. 95 of We'Moon 2020: Wake Up Call—Moon phase calendar and astrological datebook. 


Each sign rules a body part, seasonal shift, house, time of day and much more. Here we’ll go into some detail about what this means for each sign.

We’ll explore the archetypes that make up these signs and explore the how these signs interact with houses, planets and the outside world. It’s wonderful to see the effects of the stars and planets mirrored back at us in our daily life. The saying “as above so below” screams out at us to pay attention and notice the small details of Mother Earth.

The sign of Gemini is characterized by the Twins. 

This glyph represents the number two. In this phase of the zodiac we start to look outside ourselves and interact with the outside world. While Signs like Aries, Taurus and Cancer represent inner emotions and process, Gemini sweeps it’s gaze out over the land and starts exploring our relationship as individuals in relation to the “other”.

Barbara Landis Art: Blue Heron Take off and Landing Photograph
Blue Heron Takeoff © Barbara Landis 2013

Gemini in Nature

This time of year is loud, full of movement and color. Plants are germinating and pollinating with all their might and insects are buzzing all around. The world is alive and sparkling. Gemini marks the final season of Spring, as we prepare to move into the hot summer months plants and animals’ mate, court and spread their seeds.

Time of Day

The Gemini time of day is late morning. Our brains and bodies have already awoken from sleep and we’re ready to start moving forward with our day! This time of day is great for learning and digesting information, something Gemini’s do very well. We step past the cloud of sleep and are not yet fatigued from the day ahead. Our brains are fresh and malleable. Be purposeful and intentional with the information you surround yourself with during this time of day.

Physical Body:

Gemini, as the twins, it only fits that this sign should rule over the hands, arms and lungs. Hands are one of the most efficient modes of communication, we talk with our hands subconsciously most of the time. In Sign Language, the hands are the sole method of communication along with lip reading and other body language. Gemini is deeply rooted in language and communication—the lungs and hands together create speech and body language. The lung’s also control our breath, and in turn our mental state. Deep slow breathing calms the mind and sharpens our focus. The lungs themselves even look like the Gemini Glyph.

If you have a planet in Gemini:

These planets buzz with expression! The planet in these signs will affect how we communicate and also may experience large swings or duality of emotions. For example, a person with a Venus in Gemini tends to want dynamic and intellectual love affairs. Though they may be very passionately or affectionate one day, and the next be aloof and distant.

Gemini rules the Third House of Astrology

“The Houses (twelve pie shaped sections) of our personal birth chart attend to all areas of our life. Each house represents a basic facet of human experience from birth to death.”

The placement of each house in your natal chart is dependent on your rising sign. A person with an Aries rising has what is called a “natural chart”. A rising sign is the sign ascending on the eastern horizon on the time of your birth, it can be calculated using a rising sign calculator here!

The Third House highlights practical thought and our capacity to explore, learn and share communications. We are curious to understand and delight in the associations we make. Strengthen connections with peers, and team up. (Air)

-Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2018


Gemini is ruled by the messenger planet of Mercury

Mercury is also connected with Virgo, though this archetype gets expressed differently in each sign.

Mercury is "The Thinker," and involves our communication skills: what we say, our words, our voice, and our thoughts, including the “Teacher/Student, Master/Apprentice mode. Mercury affects how we connect with all the media tools of the day—our computers, phones, and even the postal, publishing and recording systems! 



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