Year at a Glance for Cancer—Horoscope

Year at a Glance for Cancer—Horoscope

2020 Cancer Horoscope for Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign Cancers!

The iconic crab of Cancer helps us shape our home life, and emotions. Cancer normally rules the 4th house of stability, nurturing, parenting and TLC. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, meaning that this sign starts a season or a turning point of a temporal season. When the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, it marks the start of Summer with the celebration of Summer Solstice. Cancer can often be represented by a Turtle as well, symbolizing carrying your home wherever you go. 

What does 2020 hold for Cancer? 

the beginning of 2020 is electric for you, dear cancer. two days after a full moon in your sign on january 10, saturn and pluto join across the sky in capricorn. prepare for radical (re)structuring within your relationships, including your relationship to yourself. 

wise jupiter will join up with pluto three times this year

(april 4, june 30, and november 12) to help you transform your relationships to better suit you. remember: endings make way for beginnings. above all else, be honest with yourself and others, even when sharing your truth feels difficult. your honesty is your magic. have courage. 

on july 20 the new moon solar eclipse in your sign (the last for a while) is a potent invitation to call in what you yearn for. no fear, no drama—just your truth. by year end, saturn and jupiter move into aquarius, your eighth house of deep truth and alchemy. after years of work in your relational realms, now it is time to deepen your contracts. explore your sex and sexuality, your desire for exchange, and allow your wildness to breathe. trust that there will be hard truths that rise to the surface for you to grapple with. worry not, you are ready. 

naimonu james © mother tongue ink 2019

Sandy Bot-Miller Flying Turtle, Turtle Goddess Women's art
Flying Turtle © Sandy Bot-Miller 2010

Cancer's 2020 Astrological Assignment:

2020 eclipses in Sagittarius trigger new honesty, and this honesty encourages us to restructure the systems of power while Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. By the end of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius and empower us to integrate an authentically collaborative philosophy.

We can hear a clue to our assignment in this great work through the signs of our Sun and Ascendant.

Take inventory of your helpfulness; notice where you enable. Bring fresh air to any dysfunctional places which drain you and test your health. Encourage beloveds, believe in them, but let them do their own work, and then bring this energy out to a larger scope. When your boundaries feel clean and strong, you can let people closer in. By year's end you won't have to hold the line so intensely; new relationships grow more collaborative and supportive.  

Sun sign in Cancer attributes:

Come home. Cardinal Water Cancer calls us to our chosen family, tribe, and homeland. Like the burgeoning summer plants, it's time to nourish our roots, our temple, whatever feeds our soul and world. The mood is sensitive, deep, security-seeking, warmhearted; let's bring objectivity. 

If you're born under the Cancer Sun

You're an emotional leader; you can teach us to nourish ourselves and others, though you'll need to learn self-care and to believe in your own enduring strength. Caring, creative, protective and self-protective, you swim best in the depths. 

Autumn Skye Morrison Art Water Goddess "Eternal Waters"

Eternal Wates © Autumn Skye Morrison 

What if my Moon sign is in Cancer?

Those born under a Cancer Moon long for profound security and so, as empaths, they can nurture the tenderness within others. Their sensitivity needs protection so they can keep their hearts well-guarded. They can be caring leaders once they learn to believe in themselves. 

Our Natal Moon sign describes what makes us feel at home, how we process emotion, and how we handle our daily life. 

By Day: it's time to come home and return to our shell, nurture our soul away from existential homesickness and into connection with the Mother and with our chosen family. The vibe is moody, protective, cranky and defensive if we feel pushed but cozy, nurturing, and empathic where we feel safe.

— excerpts from We'Moon planners
by Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2019
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Cancer Cancer Glyph  : a deep water sign and ruled by the Moon: The Glyph can be interpreted to be every phase of the Moon. New, Full and two crescents. 

This symbol also reflects the "yin-yang symbol and the ebb and flow of the tides. This watersy sign works with us to discover our our own emotions, needs and instints. A very intrinsic and sensitve sign. 

Cancer in Nature

Welcome to Summer Solstice! Cancer marks the beginning of Summer and celebrations! It's a time of gathering, making food and basking in the sunshine. During this time of year many people's lives start to revolve around the water. The heat of the sun drives us toward the cool refreshing rivers, lakes and oceans of the land for reprieve. 

Plants start to bear fruit and our gardens need extra care during this time. Soil dries out quickly, our plants crave extra water to carry the weight of their lush fruits. Animals have already mated and are setting up the foundation for a safe homespace to give birth or raise their young. 

In many parts of the world, the transition into Cancer season also marks the start of monsoons and heavy rains. We see the waves of cancer reflected in our own emotions and watch them ripple around the world. 

Time of Day

Cancer rules "High Noon" or early afternoon in our daily cycle. 

This is the time to take care of personal matters and perhaps take a break or “siesta” from work to nurture ourselves and replenish our energy with lunch and some water. Cancer is all about TLC and nurturing. Take this time to check in with your body and emotions, are you feeling tired, annoyed or energiezed and ambitous? Note what your body is craving and listen to it! 

The part of the body connected to Cancer is the chest, breasts and the fluid filled sack that our heart is suspended (the pericardium). 

The breasts and chest are only natural for the mothering sign of the zodiac to rule over! They give life source to our young, and provide valuable nutrients for growing bodies. The pericardium wraps our heart in a protective fluid filled sack. Cancer also gives us that primal instinctive sense of protecting the things we care for and love, our bodies have created Cancerian spaces of protection and love for some of our most vital organs. The bronchial tubes connects Gemini (lungs) to Cancer in the body. The bronchial tubes even seem to resemble the rivers and streams that Cancer so often reminds us of! 

If you have a Planet in Cancer

The planets within our solar system have a specific part to play in the complete knowledge of "The Self." Planets represent different aspects of our self-journey or even our personality. They're characteristics range from our soul purpose (sun), how we think or love (Mercury, Venus) how we like to learn (Jupiter) our limitations (Saturn), and much more! Please visit our blog "Journey into Astrology" if you would like to know more about Planets and how to integrate them into your daily astrology practice. 

Planets in Cancer will and aspects of your life will be heavily impacted by your emotions. They will be highly sensitive along with protective. For example if your Mercury falls under Cancer, the manners in how you communicate, language and thoughts will be connected to how you feel. Maybe you'll notice small nuances better than others and can help create space in a conversation for the soft spoken. 

Beth Lenco Art, Moon ocean art, Moon art, women's goddess art
The Ocean Brings Me Peace © Beth Lenco

Cancer rules the Fourth House of Astrology

“The Houses (twelve pie shaped sections) of our personal birth chart attend to all areas of our life. Each house represents a basic facet of human experience from birth to death.”

The placement of each house in your natal chart is dependent on your rising sign. A person with an Aries rising has what is called a “natural chart”. A rising sign is the sign ascending on the eastern horizon on the time of your birth, it can be calculated using a rising sign calculator here!

The fourth house is the first house in the bottom half of a new quadrant. This quadrant contains houses 4,5,6 of Home, Creative expression and Health. This quadrant represents the foundation of our home life, or personal space. 

Cancer of course, rules the house of Home and Family. This house concerns developing centered rootedness. We create home as a personal base of operation, as well as the psycho-spiritual home we carry within. Nurture deeper emotional expression with attention to family of origin. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon

The archetype associated with the Moon is the great or divine mother, reflected in countless myths throughout the ages (examples: Phoebe, Selene, Artemis, Luna, Isis, Mama Quilla & Mawu)

The Moon represents our capacity to feel or empathize with those around us and within our own soul as well. It awakens our intuitive and emotional body. 


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